TFS Bill Pay Announces New Attorney Report Center

TFS Bill Pay has launched a new powerful tool to help you succeed; the Attorney Report Center located in your AttorneyPortal.

In the current bankruptcy environment, it is absolutely essential that your firm receives all of the compensation for the valuable work it has already done. TFS now provides you with pre-set, real-time reports to confirm your clients’ payments, which is the linchpin to your success.

Each report was designed with input from practicing attorneys and is intended to support you at critical intervals of the Chapter 13 process. The updated and new reports are listed below along with a brief description.

  • Stumbles Report
    • Be alerted to clients that have failed to make a payment for two months.
    • Avoid unnecessary motions to dismiss, identify post-confirmation revenue opportunities or simply be the first person to offer a helping hand and earn more referrals.
    • Integrate this report into your office procedures and allow payment transparency to power your practice.
  • 6-Month and 12-Month Reports
    • See your clients that have filed in the past 6 or 12 months.
    • Periodically checking on clients can prevent an early default that can negatively impact your revenue.
  • 341 Report
    • See a list of your clients that have 341 Meetings in the next two weeks.
    • Verify that clients are paying in accordance with their plan, need to make a catch-up payment, or are in jeopardy of default.
  • Hearing on Confirmation Report
    • See a list of your clients that have Confirmation Hearings in the next two weeks.
    • When preparing for confirmation, verify that your clients are on track and take action to avoid adjournments and dismissals that prevent you from getting paid.

If you would like to learn more about these reports and how they can be leveraged to help your practice, log into your TFS AttorneyPortal and select the Report Center option. If you don’t have an AttorneyPortal, this link can also be used to create one.

For more information contact your dedicated Attorney Success Team at 888-703-2510 or

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