ZOOM – Instructions/Directions from the Office of Ronda Winnecour, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee*

(Items in italics have been added by Academy staff)

. . . will be held virtually by ZOOM . . .

Please visit our website at ch13pitt.com (this site has very detailed directions) for all of the details and instructions. A computer is not a necessity since ZOOM also allows participation by telephone (iphone, Android).

Please visit the website before your scheduled meeting or hearing. For those of you whose clients will be appearing, please go over the instructions with your clients. This is new to all of us and we hope you will be patient with us as we go forward. And keep checking the site for additional instructions.

ZOOM has a waiting room feature. You and your clients should be aware that when you first connect you may be put into the waiting room until your case is ready to be “called.” To the extent we use the waiting room feature we are protecting you and your clients’ privacy. Please be patient with us as you wait.

Also, we have found that the best way to access ZOOM is to connect through the ZOOM application (client) for your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) at https://www.zoom.us/download#client_4meeting. Using the application gives you (and your clients) a quick and easy way to connect, allows you to save the meeting IDs that we will be using (that saves you the trouble of having to type in the ID every time you need to connect), and provides a way for you to save and use your “personal link name” (which should be your full first and last name). Using your full first and last name as your personal link name will ensure that you are properly identified for purposes of the meeting while in the waiting room as well as when you are admitted into the meeting.

For 341(a) first meetings of creditors, debtor’s counsel will be asked to certify that counsel has reviewed state-issued picture identification and original social security information and to verify that they match the name and number on the meeting notice. Please do not ask your client to present them over the video transcription out of respect for privacy.

*Thank you, Mark Johnston for your hard work!

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