Regina Logsdon

Executive Director


Ms. Logsdon has worked in the bankruptcy arena for 40 years (oy vey). Little did she know at the ripe ‘mature’ age of 19 that preparing proofs of claim for Jim Walter Homes (the Cadillac of modular homes back in the day) would lead to a life-long career in bankruptcy. She moved from the creditor side of things to assist a Chapter 7 panel trustee. Ms. Logsdon has spent over 30 years working directly for or affiliated with Henry E. Hildebrand, III. She spent 17 of those years as Hildebrand’s administrative assistant and gleaned mountains of useless knowledge. For the past fifteen years, she has poured her heart and soul into the NACTT Academy and, watching it evolve into a premier site for all things educational in the Chapter 13 world.