Jay S. Jump

CEO, CertificateofService.com (Pasco, WA)


Jay S. Jump, is a consumer debtor bankruptcy attorney and the CEO of CertificateofService.com, the premiere mailing service for all practitioners in the bankruptcy industry, from debtor and creditor attorneys to Panel Trustees to Chapter 13 Trustees to the United States Trustee Program. CertificateofService.com is the trusted name in bankruptcy noticing services.

Articles by Jay S. Jump

March 12, 2023
Recently, I had the pleasure of a great conversation with Chapter 13 Trustee, Thomas McDonald, from the EDMI. As it turns out, we have both been pilots for a long time. Once we came to this realization, our conversation quickly devolved from the issues confronting the bankruptcy industry to talk of density altitude, mountain flying, and the importance of using...
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