Fond Farewell to Danny O’Brien

Dear Danny,

We know that you would not want a tribute – it’s simply not who you are. But we couldn’t let this moment pass without acknowledging how admired and respected you are. We will all miss you and are better for having known you. You are a stellar example of what all humanity should strive to be.

As a reminder, here are a few facts about Danny:

  • Served as Courtroom Deputy to United States District Judge Gordon B. Kahn
  • Served as Courtroom Deputy to United States Bankruptcy Judge Margaret A. Mahoney
  • Served as Deputy Trustee to J.C. McAleer
  • Appointed Chapter 13 Standing Trustee for the Southern District of Alabama in 2015 – it should be noted that Danny was the only person even considered for the job. No one else bothered to apply because it was so obvious Danny was the best choice
  • He is the longest serving person in the bankruptcy system in the Southern District of Alabama
  • He leaves his trusteeship on firm financial footing even with filings down over 50% – no small feat!

Danny will be missed not only as a trustee but as a volunteer at the NACTT seminar registration desk. He selflessly volunteered for 18 years – many years in partnership with J.C. McAleer. When asked about Danny, Courtney Waldrup, NACTT Executive Director said: “Many will miss his smiling face behind the counter. I know I will miss him tremendously! He was always so accommodating to everyone – both Premier Management Partners (formerly JEE) staff and NACTT attendees. He was always so quick to do whatever we asked of him.”

So, Danny, a fond farewell. We wish you all the best in retirement life – whatever that looks like for you.


All of Us

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