13 documents by Independence Software – Encrypted and Scans for PII


13 documents by Independence Software –

Identity theft is a real and constant threat when transmitting information through the Internet. For Trusteeships, using e-mail to receive documents from the debtor bar is insecure, placing sensitive debtor information at risk. Founded in 2011, 13 Documents is unlike other filing systems — it is a complete document management solution for your Trusteeship that integrates with your existing case management system, to accept documents safely and securely. Using the 13 Documents system, only minimal day-to-day maintenance is required by your Trusteeship and documents are always encrypted on a secure server.

Although your debtor bar is required to redact personal identification information, we still take the extra steps to encrypt all documents upon receipt. Using public key technology, you hold the only decryption key to guarantee the security of your document. During transmission across the Internet from the sender and to your case management system, we use secure encrypted network connections to ensure the integrity of the document and to prevent unauthorized third-party access.

Your data is important. Even with our extensive encryption techniques, our company is insured and bonded to provide an additional layer of confidence.1 Debtor PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never exposed. Our software encrypts transmitted documents as they are received. Once encrypted, documents can only be viewed by the Trustee operation.

13 Documents can additionally scan incoming documents for social security numbers. Documents which contain social security numbers will be rejected and the user will be notified to redact and attempt the upload again. Going one step further, documents which do not contain embedded text may be OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanned and searched for social security numbers.

13 Documents can adapt to your case management system. Our software integrates tightly with Bankruptcy Software Specialists case management software attaching documents to your cases and notifying users. Additionally, 13 Documents will work with Satori & Associates case management software, importing downloaded documents using integrated tools.

If you would like to join the more than 60 existing Trustees participating in 13 Documents or would like more information on our software and the benefits to your Trustee operation, please contact me by email or phone.


[1] Insurance provided by The Hartford Financial Service Group, Inc. Certificate of Insurance provided upon request.

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