Miami Cheap – Suggestions For Your Per Diem Dining Pleasure

By Academy Staff

The Fontainbleau Miami Beach Hotel has many excellent restaurants, and if you have a car, Miami is a foodie’s dream. This article is not about either of those options.

This is about some of the less expensive food options that are within walking distance of the hotel.

The Fontainbleau is on “Mid-Beach”, a long skinny strip of land – maybe an isthmus? An island? A peninsula? We’ll leave that question to the third graders. Walking south from the hotel a couple of blocks along the water (on Collins Ave./Indian Creek Dr.) is one of the few bridges across “Indian Creek”. The bridge (which has a sidewalk) is located at West 41st street, or Arthur Godfrey Rd., take your pick. These restaurants across-the-bridge are all on the right-hand side (the north side of the street), but as an FYI, there is a Walgreens on the left for all the little stuff you forgot to pack.

After the Dunkin’ Donuts, which is the first place that has caffeine and/or chocolate covered donuts – if that’s what you are looking for – there are several small, non-chain places that are not exactly cheap, but are more affordable than eating three meals a day at the hotel.

As you walk west on the right side of the street, just past the second cross street, Sheridan Avenue, you will see La Provence 41st Street, a French themed sandwich shop and dessert place. A couple doors further down is the Latin Café, with Cuban sandwiches, shakes, and homestyle Latin plates.

For that pizza craving, the next place on W 41st Street is Pizza Dude Miami Beach, where you can get pizza, Dude. You can have ‘em make your pie, your way.

Crossing Royal Palm Avenue, there is a Miami nod to a New York Deli called Roasters ‘N Toasters. It features classic Jewish soul food.

By the way: a block or so north of Arthur Godfrey/W 41st Street is a residential neighborhood – good for walking around early in the morning, or later if you don’t mind the heat. . . . Of course, the boardwalk behind the hotel allows you to walk (or run) a good distance along the water, and it is free. Just make sure you know – before you take off on your walk – where/how you are going to be exiting the boardwalk and getting back onto the hotel grounds. And be sure to bring water!

Closer to the hotel – without crossing the little 41st Street bridge – there are some additional inexpensive options. On 42nd Street, between Indian Creek Dr. And Collins Avenue, there is the always wallet-pleasing Subway. (I won’t judge you.) On 43rd Street, just east of Collins is a breakfast place, The Sunrise Café. For a take-out breakfast, sandwiches and pastries – or your drinks and snacks fix – the Primo Café & Market is on the south corner of 40th and Collins.

Although it would be stretching it to call it a “frugal” option, Bird & Bone features southern cooking, including good fried chicken and waffle fries – and/or chicken and waffles, if that’s your craving. It is on 40th Street, just east of Collins.

See you in Miami!

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