Icons of the Bankruptcy World Retire

IMG_0340John V. “Jack” LaBarge, Jr., was appointed the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee serving the Eastern District of Missouri in October of 1987. Prior to that, he had been a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee since 1971 – 46 years – WOW. Jack served two terms on the NACTT Board of Directors as an at-large Director. He also served for many years on the Peer Review Committee. Additionally, Jack has mentored multiple new trustees. Jack is a long-time member and supporter of both NACTT and The Academy. He is an institution of service to others and will be leave a gaping hole in these organizations.IMG_0315It is often said that behind every successful man is an equally successful woman. No exception here. Mary LaBarge has served the trusteeship and the consumer bankruptcy community right alongside Jack. She was on the initial Staff Symposia Committee led by Robin Weiner. This Committee developed the concept of nationwide employee training. She developed curriculum and served as facilitator for many years at the beginning of this project and helped set the standard for this valuable training. Even after her retirement from the Staff Symposia Committee she was always willing to step up and fill in any gap when needed.

Mary participated as a panelist multiple times at NACTT annual summer meetings. She developed materials and spoke to upper level trustee staff on such topics as ethics with The Honorable Barry S. Schermer. In addition, Mary served with Alice Whitten and Debbie Langehennig on an NACTT/Academy joint Educational Webinar Training Committee for three years. She participated in the development and/or delivery of at least a half dozen training webinars for which The Academy is eternally grateful.

Hallowell_MarthaNot only are we losing the LaBarges this month, but Martha K. “Marty” Hallowell, Deputy Assistant Director for Oversight, Executive Office for United States Trustees, U.S. Department of Justice left us at the end of January. When asked what is next, Ms. Hallowell responded, “play and travel.” Marty, you will be tremendously missed – thank you, Marty, for your hard work and for always being so pleasant.

In discussing future plans with each of these icons, the common theme seemed to be to NOT answer to an alarm clock!

We wish you all the best in a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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