Mandatory Form Changes December 1

Getting Ready for the New POC Forms

viegelahn 90 minutes. Experts Trustee Deb Miller and Attorney Michael McCormick blitz through the changes while covering not only the highlights but nuances. They spent extra time on escrow, escrow shortages, zero balances, and where to report these items on the new Proofs of Claim forms.

There are multiple handouts with this webinar. One, is available here, free.


Click here for an Excel RESPA Low Point-Escrow Analysis Calculation


The ‘Other’ Form Changes – Effective December 1, 2015

viegelahn 80 minutes. Trustee Mary Viegelahn (San Antonio, TX) and James Davis, Staff Attorney (Nashville, TN), discussed form changes including Voluntary Petition, Schedules, SOFA, Notice of Final Cure, and more. This webinar is directed to attorneys, trustees, and all staff who work with consumer bankruptcy and voluntary petition forms on a regular basis. wbrown

As a special gift to the consumer bankruptcy community the recording is available ABSOLUTELY FREE until December 10th.

Haven’t seen the new forms yet? Click here. The Petition begins on page 5.

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