Michael Ford Named Trustee

MikeFordMichael Ford graduated from the University of Alabama, School of Law in 1974. After graduation, he moved to Tuscumbia, Alabama, where he met the, then Standing Chapter 13 Trustee, William N. (Newt) Pitts. Trustee Pitts took Mike under his wing and taught him all things Chapter 13. Prior to becoming officially employed by Trustee Pitts, Mike represented both debtors and creditors. In 1998 Mike became part-time staff attorney to Trustee Pitts. He remained in that capacity until Trustee Pitts’ retirement in 2009. (Trustee Pitts died later that year.) At the time of his retirement, Trustee Pitts’ remaining cases were absorbed by Standing Chapter 13 Trustee Philip Geddes. Mike served as part-time staff attorney to Trustee Geddes until his retirement in June of 2013.

Linda Gore was appointed Interim Trustee in June of 2013. Pending Mike’s appointment as the Standing Trustee, he served as Staff Attorney to Trustee Gore. Trustee Gore was a tremendous resource, training and mentoring Mike. Mike is quoted as saying, “I can’t thank Linda enough for her great leadership during her interim trusteeship and for continuing to consult with me. She has been an invaluable resource.”

Michael Ford was appointed as the Standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the Northern Division of the Northern District of Alabama on April 16, 2014.

A perk of membership to the National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees (NACTT) is the Trustee Mentor Program. New Trustees have the option of consulting on any matter with a seasoned Trustee. Standing Chapter 13 Trustee from Tuscaloosa, David Cottingham, has been assigned to Mike under this program. Mike and other new Trustees are reassured of their success by this program.

When interviewed, Mike said “I am very excited about this opportunity to continue service in the Chapter 13 environment. I am a believer in Chapter 13, and have been one since my first trustee showed me how to fill out the forms. I will always believe this is the fairest and most efficient way to help honest but financially distressed people deal with their debts. In law school the bankruptcy course was optional and taught only during the summer. I’ve always been thankful that I took that course.”

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