Industry Veteran Announces Formation Of National Attorney Network Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ – Mortgage Loan Servicing and Legal Industry Veteran William M. LeRoy announced today the formation of a new national attorney organization, The PHOENIX Group Network, LLC.  The newly formed, privately held company presents the mortgage loan servicing industry with the opportunity to take the guess work and risk out of the attorney selection process. “The PHOENIX Group Network is unlike any other legal organization or attorney group. To become a member of The PHOENIX Group Network, a prospective member firm must submit to and pass a rigorous initial and ongoing annual audit process that examines every aspect of the firm’s business and practice background.” LeRoy says. “We place particular importance on the prospective firm’s culture. If we have learned anything over the past few years, it is that a firm’s culture is a critical element. Many loan servicing executives have been disappointed to discover that a long-term law firm relationship failed as a result of issues not necessarily included in a traditional annual review process. In almost every case, these recent firm disasters have been a direct result of the firm’s culture.” LeRoy points out.  “The OCC has published a very clear set of criterion for the selection of Third Party Vendors. Our membership standards are reflective of these criterions, and we typically only accept one member firm per state. We will never state that our membership ranks include all of the principled legal practitioners within the U.S.  When a financial service company selects a PHOENIX Group Network member, they will hire one of the finest legal practitioners within their state and the mortgage banking attorney community.”

About William M. LeRoy

An accomplished leader, speaker and seasoned legal & mortgage banking professional, Mr. Le Roy draws upon more than 23 years of experience in the Legal & Mortgage Loan Servicing Industries.  Mr. Le Roy has been published by The American Bar Association, University of South Carolina School of Law, Law Review, the NACTT Academy and featured by Servicing Management, Mortgage Servicing News, National Mortgage News, MBA News link, Mortgage Bankers Magazine, and DS News. Mr. Le Roy is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including CMIS’s Lifetime Achievement & Visionary Award.  Mr. Le Roy was the founding CEO of the American Legal & Financial Network. In this role, he developed all corporate strategies, and lead initiatives to expand the ALFN’s role in legal and mortgage industry advocacy, public policy, education & professional development.


The PHOENIX Group Network, LLC.
Corporate Business Address: 31226 North 155th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85262-7897
Business Office: 480-471-9944

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