How Do You Handle Non-Filers?


Not everyone you meet with will end up filing bankruptcy.

Maybe they won’t have the money to file. Or maybe you help them understand that right now isn’t the best time to file.

They are faced with a decision: Now what? They might leave your office frustrated, confused and even upset. They might walk down the street to a less-experienced attorney, simply price shopping, instead of meeting with an experienced attorney who has their best interest in mind.

Whatever the case, don’t let them walk away without providing some guidance. If they are going to tackle this debt, they need some resources that will walk them through the process.

That’s why we developed a five-video series specifically for debtors who decide to not file. Providing this resource to your clients is a great way to ensure your firm receives glowing referrals, and it increases the likelihood that your clients will return to you for guidance if they should find themselves needing to file.

These videos, presented by Dave Ramsey’s lead financial coach, Chris Hogan, will help them work their way out of debt and arm them with the information they need to combat creditors. The videos will give them immediate help and, most importantly, immediate hope.

For under $10, non-filers will get five videos covering:

• Proving Hope (Introduction)

• The Four Walls: Setting Your Financial Priorities

• Dealing With Collectors

• Mortgages, Foreclosures and Short Sales

• Credit Sharks in Suits: The Truth About Debt and Credit Scores

These videos were specifically designed from feedback and suggestions we received from top bankruptcy firms. You can be confident you’ll have everything you need to get your non-filing clients back on the right track.

The videos are available at:


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