William M. Leroy Announces The Industry Launch of PHOENIX Consulting, L.L.C.

By William Leroy

Dear Industry Friends and Colleagues;

I am very familiar with the financial and practice growth challenges being experienced by today’s legal professionals. For the past 9 & ½ years I have worked to advance the cause of attorneys who practice within the financial services industry, and in particular those who represent their clients in legal actions associated with defaulting mortgage loans.  Historically, a trade association has been one of the few vehicles available to legal professionals who sought camaraderie and a place where ones efforts could be combined in support of a common purpose. This model has its place in the industry and preforms a very important function.  But it was never designed to meet all of the individual needs of its members, particularly in the environment of current industry challenges.  As a result, it can be difficult for members of these groups to obtain the individual help they need to advance their unique business models. It is for this reason that I am pleased to announce the industry launch of my National Consulting Company: PHOENIX Consulting, L.L.C., (“PHOENIX”). My Vision for PHOENIX is a multi-tiered company that will offer many different services, including  performance and process analytics, education and mentoring, in addition to market communications and strategic branding.  I hope to be able to work with loan servicing institutions, and in particular their vendor managers and audit surveillance teams to help create better informational exchange processes between attorneys and their clients.

Right out of the gate, PHOENIX will provide the following services to Mortgage Banking Attorneys:

Authentic Law firm Marketing and Strategic Planning

We will work with attorneys to create an Authentic and Firm Unique strategic marketing plan that takes them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future and, most importantly, we will teach them how to get there (and stay there).

Marketing Communication and Industry Branding

We will provide direction for establishing a unique industry brand. We will help to identify strengths and create the right messaging. We will help design the marketing resources to get a unique message in front of the appropriate markets. We can help with creating new logos, HTML newsletters & brochures, industry publication ads, national and locally placed articles, web site, blogs, etc.

Collaborative Law Practice Marketing

In the past 20 years, I have helped legal professionals nation-wide to grow their practice. We can provide strategic planning, horizontal industry participant relationship building & cross marketing, target market workshops and consulting. Everything I do will be customized specifically for my client’s specific  area of practice.

Preparing for Client & Industry Participant Operational Audits

In the new world of annual client and Agency audits, law firms are faced with many new operational challenges. Making certain that firms operations will pass any new levels of outside scrutiny is now a matter of survival, and has become a fundamental requirement for sustained and successful new client development. PHOENIX will help to ensure that our clients are prepared to emerge successfully from any such operational examinations.

Web-based & Onsite Seminars & Workshops

I am a recognized expert in web-based education, law firm business planning, marketing and law firm strategy. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with many of the largest and most successful  Boutique Law Firms across North America.  We will work with our attorneys to create opportunities that bring them and their existing or prospective clients together in an effective, focused, substantive and collaborative training environment.

Law Firm & Client Retreats

Every law firm today understands the importance of maintaining mature client relationships, maximizing resources, reducing costs and optimizing relationship performance. We will help facilitate these goals by bringing law firms & their clients together in close knit private settings through facilitated law firm / client retreats.

Operational Reengineering and Optimization Consulting Services

We can also perform a top to bottom review of law firms operations, third party relationships, billing, and staffing, inter-department communication and cross training, attorney / staff ratios, IT systems, processes and escalation policies.

PHOENIX Consulting, L.L.C., will be accepting a small group of select Law Firm Clients for 2012 at a monthly retainer rate based upon a 12 month contract. To ensure that we can provide first-class, focused and transparent consulting services, we will only be accepting one Mortgage Banking Attorney Client per State.

Contact Information

PHOENIX Consulting, L.L.C.

office: 480.471.9944

cell: 480.776.9444 ~


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