A Few of the Resources Available at the Trustees’ Education Network (TEN)

Deborah B. Langehennig is the Chapter 13 Trustee in the Western District of Texas,
Austin Division.

The Trustees’ Education Network (TEN) provides far too many valuable resources for debtors, creditors, and counsel alike for us to list them all here. Instead, Chapter Thirteen Trustee Debbie Langehennig has provided the quick links and resource summaries below as brief highlights of the kinds of materials available at the TEN web site.


Debtor Orientation Handbook submitted by Frank M. Pees: Want to give debtors the information they need to begin their successful reorganization under Chapter 13? Look at this handbook, used by Chapter 13 Trustee Frank Pees, Eastern Division Southern District of Ohio. (“RTF” format.)


Negotiating PowerPoint from the office of Jody Troxler, Richard Hutson, II, and Kathryn Bringle: View this short PowerPoint presentation to find tips for negotiating a better financial solution. (“PPT” format.)


You and Your Attorney from the office of Debra Miller and Donald Aikman: Helpful handout to clarify the attorney-client relationship during the life of a Chapter 13 case. (“RTF” format.)


Application for Debtor Education Provider: for U.S. Department of Justice approval as a provider of the post-filing, pre-discharge financial management course. The application may be completed online.


Monthly Payment Record Form: Debtors should use this helpful form for keeping a record of monthly payments – courtesy of the Office of Mike Fitzgerald, Chapter 13 Trustee for the Western District of Washington. (“RTF” format.)


Visit the rest of TEN’s Library for additional resources.




(Originally published: 9/7/2009)

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