Rising Star Award


You are invited to submit a nomination for the 3rd annual National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) Rising Star Award, which will be presented at our 2017 Consumer Rights Litigation Conference, Nov. 16-19 in Washington, D.C.

Rising Star Award

Established in 2015, the Rising Star award is presented annually by the National Consumer Law Center’s Partners Council. The award honors an attorney or attorneys (in practice for 15 years or less) who made major contributions to consumer law within the past two years by trying or settling a case of great success and significance.

Award Criteria

The cases won or settled by nominees may cover a broad range of consumer law, including but not limited to debt collection, credit cards, student loans, mortgage-related activity, truth in lending, auto sales or loans, bankruptcy, privacy, and racial justice. A subcommittee, comprised of members of NCLC’s Partners Council, will evaluate each nominated case using the following criteria:

  1. The impact on consumers and consumer law. This may include the consumer law issues that were litigated, the novelty of the issues involved, the importance of the case, the extent of relief, the number of people affected, the changes in industry practice, whether it affected others similarly situated and whether the case made “new law.”
  2. The commitment, perseverance, and expertise of the lawyer involved, including the length of the case, the strategic and tactical skill involved, the obstacles and pitfalls overcome, the difficulty of the procedural hurdles, and trial strategy.
  3. The deleterious effects of the defendant’s conduct. This includes the enormity of the wrong committed by the defendant and the degree of suffering or victimization of the plaintiffs.
  4. The result – specific relief obtained and whether it is final, including the amount of damages and/or the nature and extent of relief obtained, and any other results obtained.

2016 Rising Star Award Winners:

Gina Chiala
Gina M. Chiala, an attorney in Kansas City, MO, founded the Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom in 2015. Devoted to protecting and expanding the rights of low-wage workers and consumers, the organization produces “know your rights” materials in the areas of consumer and employment law for low-wage workers, and provides legal services to low-wage workers in consumer and employment cases.

Carolyn E. Coffey
Carolyn E. Coffey is Director of Litigation for Economic Justice at MFY Legal Services, Inc. in New York City, where she supervises attorneys in MFY’s consumer, bankruptcy, employment and foreclosure defense practices. She also develops litigation, identifies trends, and facilitates community and coalition activities.

J. Rachel Scott
J. Rachel Scott is a staff attorney at the Senior Citizens Law Project of Atlanta Legal Aid Society, where she represents older clients in civil legal matters such as mortgage litigation and modifications, public benefits issues, probate, financial exploitation, and consumer matters.

Claudia E. Wilner
Claudia E. Wilner is a Senior Attorney at the National Center for Law and Economic Justice (NCLEJ) in New York. Prior to joining NCLEJ, she launched New Economy Project’s groundbreaking law project, which worked with thousands of low-income New Yorkers and community groups to fight discriminatory economic practices and press for sound community development.

Deadline for nominations: May 10, 2017.
Submit nominations to consumerlaw@nclc.org

Please include a resume and two references with the application. Applications will not be considered without these. The nominator can serve as one reference.

Questions? Contact Colleen Sullivan (csullivan@nclc.org or 617-542-8010) or visit our website.

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