New Award! Nominate a Rising Star Today!

At the November 2015 Consumer Rights Litigation Conference, NCLC’s Partners Council will present its first “Rising Star Award” to the attorney who made the greatest contribution to consumer law within the past two years by trying or settling one or more cases with great success and significance.

This award will be available to attorneys who have practiced for 15 years or less.

The cases won or settled by applicants may cover a broad range of consumer law, including but not limited to debt collection, credit cards, student loans, mortgage-related activity, truth in lending, auto sales or loans, bankruptcy, privacy and racial justice.

A committee appointed by the Chair of the Partners Council will evaluate each nominated case based on:

  1. The impact on consumers and consumer law;
  2. The commitment, perseverance and expertise of the lawyer involved;
  3. The deleterious effects of the defendant’s conduct;
  4. The result.

Application details can be found here.

Nomination deadline is April 15, 2015.

Submit nominations to Sarah LeDonne (

Questions? Contact Jerry Tuckman ( or 617-542-8010)

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