New Orleans, Louisiana a/k/a NOLA

By Thomas M. White, Law Offices of White & Jorgensen in Omaha, NE

New Orleans offers a visit to a foreign land that speaks English (of a sort) and does not require a passport.  This is a city and state so distinct in history and culture that it alone has not adopted the UCC.  In fact, the source of Louisiana commercial law is not even English but rather French.

Founded and ruled for decades by the French, and then governed by Spain, in New Orleans history is woven into everyday life.  The food for which it is so justly famous is an amalgam of French and African American technique applied to local meats, produce, seafood and spice.  Think crawfish, file powder, tabasco sauce, oysters and fresh fish caught from the gulf.

The architecture of the city ranges from creole French homes with classic hip roofs, to the brick and wrought iron of the French Quarter constructed in accordance with a Spanish building code designed to prevent additional devastating fires.  The “Americans” who followed built the classic pre civil war “Gone with the Wind” mansions of the Garden District.

The literature of the City is unrivaled.  William Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, John Kennedy, O’Toole and so many others ate, drank and then wrote of this city.  A Street Car Named Desire no longer runs but you can traverse the city in its twin on the Saint Charles line.

History runs from the early explorers, through the War of 1812, Civil War, and World Wars I and II to Hurricane Katrina and beyond.  Visit the site of the Battle of New Orleans or walk the streets of Storyville where jazz was born in the brothels of a then wide open city.

And then of course the music, French driven Cajun, Jazz, Gospel, Country, Rock, New Orleans funk, Blues, hip hop and more are all available nearly every night.  You might very well hear any number of street musicians whose skills equal or exceed the most famous of recorded artists.

New Orleans is more of itself and less of any other place in the world.  It runs as deep and wide as the Mississippi River.  A great place to explore.

Thomas WhiteThomas M. White is an AV rated attorney who graduated cum laude from Creighton School of Law in 1983, and then clerked for the Honorable Donald Ross of the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Tom White is a capital partner at the Law Offices of White & Jorgensen in Omaha, Nebraska.  Practicing law since 1985, Tom White is an experienced trial attorney and has extensive experience with trials of complex commercial and tort cases representing clients such as Ford, Chrysler, Emerson Electric, National Credit Union Association and various financial institutions.  He has also successfully represented plaintiffs in personal injury, products liability and contract cases along with civil rights cases arising out of employment.  For more information about Tom White’s experience or his law firm, go to his firm’s website:

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